The Results Are In!

The first brave souls to take on the nutrition class have just taken their body fat re-test after the 8 week class. The results are AMAZING! Great job! With their permission, here are their results:

  • Ian Richardson went from 31.1% body fat to 28.1% a 9.6% improvement!
  • Mark Rouillard went from 26.3% body fat to 22.5% a 14.4% improvement, what's significant is that he lost less than one pound, which means he gained muscle mass too!
  • Will Waggoner went from 19.7% body fat to 16.5%, a 16.2% improvement!
  • Ryan Clary went from 14% body fat to 11%, a 21.4% improvement!
  • Alex Cheung went from 29.5% body fat to 20.2%, a 31.5% improvement, what's significant is he lost 19 lbs of fat and gained 7.1 lbs of muscle!
  • David Madura went from 37.2% to 25.1%, an improvement of 32.5%, what's significant is that he lost only 10 lbs, but lost 27 lbs of fat and gained 17 lbs of muscle, WOW!
  • And the Biggest Loser of all, Ales Necas went from 26.9% body fat to 15.8%, an improvement of 41.3%!!! A well deserved $50 Whole Foods Gift Card coming your way!

Who's in on the next nutrition class?? Likely starting in 2 weeks, be sure to sign up here:

Nutrition Class II Sign up, Click Here

Class meets on Tuesday's at lunch, stay tuned for the official start date.